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A couple of days ago, the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) approved the PSR-18 “HTTP Client” standard. This standard was the.

  • mailslurp/mailslurp-client-php11.9.7 MailSlurp is an API for sending and receiving emails from dy
  • wp-content-framework/upgradev1.0.40 Wordpress content framework
  • wp-content-framework/apiv1.0.51 Wordpress content framework
  • wp-content-framework/adminv1.0.55 Wordpress content framework
  • wp-content-framework/update_checkv1.0.37 Wordpress content framework
  • localgovdrupal/localgov_alert_banner1.0.0 LocalGovDrupal distribution: Alert banner.
  • dascentral/rma0.11.0 A collection of utilities that can be leveraged within PHP-b
  • hadeluca/db-exporterv2.3.0-rc2 this is a package for Laravel Framework to export, via comma
  • ozitag/tager-backend-seo1.10.1 SEO Settings

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  • netopes/helpers-cnp-validator Romanian personal identification number (CNP) validation plu
  • h-farm/laravel-excludable laravel-excludable
  • h-farm/laravel-searchable Laravel Searchable
  • alli-govender/auditor-bundle Integrate auditor library in your Symfony projects.
  • undkonsorten/powermailpdf Powermail PDF Form
  • webfiori/app WebFiori framework. Made to make the web bloom. This is the
  • rmoore/avro-php Avro schema encoder/decoder. Fork of rg/avro-php
  • grin/module-affiliate Grin Affiliate https://grin.co/
  • sedevtest/contact simple contact form

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Php Standards

  • symfony/polyfill-mbstring Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension
  • psr/log Common interface for logging libraries
  • symfony/polyfill-ctype Symfony polyfill for ctype functions
  • psr/container Common Container Interface (PHP FIG PSR-11)
  • symfony/console Eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line in
  • webmozart/assert Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error m
  • guzzlehttp/psr7 PSR-7 message implementation that also provides common utili
  • symfony/polyfill-php80 Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.0+ features to lower
  • doctrine/instantiator A small, lightweight utility to instantiate objects in PHP w
  • psr/http-message Common interface for HTTP messages

Php Fig Coding Standards


PHP-FIG standards. Built with security best practices. Store passwords using bcrypt, encrypt with AES-256, and more. Enterprise Ready. A proven history of. Enter PHP-FIG PHP-FIG is the short name for the PHP Framework Interop Group (am I the only one who finds the naming of PHP groups and libraries after fruits amusing?) and their mission is simple: to find a way to get the PHP frameworks to work together. Swagger Codegen Documentation. The Swagger Codegen is an open source code-generator to build server stubs and client SDKs directly from a Swagger defined RESTful API. The latest tweets from @phpfig.

Random Packages

Php Filemtime

  • infomaniac-amf/php InfomaniacAMF is a PHP project for the (de)serialization of
  • wormhit/slim-api PHP API framework based on slim and pimple
  • matthiasnoback/php-coding-standard PHP_CodeSniffer coding standard based on PSR-1 and PSR-2
  • nzo/file-downloader-bundle The NzoFileDownloaderBundle is a Symfony Bundle used to Down
  • myabakus/teamworkpm PHP wrapper for Teamwork.com API
  • quickapps/cms QuickAppsCMS, open source content management system for PHP
  • quickapps/website QuickAppsCMS website app skeleton
  • gilleswittenberg/backup-sql CakePHP shell that runs mysqldump on a database.
  • cundd/noshi-boilerplate Boilerplate for a NoShi website
  • racztiborzoltan/ide-stub-generator PHP stub file generator